Riche Organics is committed to introducing “ethical” and superior quality skin and body care products that are not only safe for the general consumer but therapists as well. With a progressive mind set geared towards the safe use of nourishing natural and organic base ingredients, our products continually evolve with the most current concrete information and research.

Our goal is to help improve the overall health and vitality of the skin while inviting the senses to de-stress and re-energize with our custom blended aromatherapy healing scents. We customize exclusive scents that impart a natural and fresh elegance through our products. We use only ethical providers for our unrefined or organic emollients and essential oils which are extracted from pesticide free harvests and crops. While most of our custom scents and blends consist only of essential oils, select scents require some fragrance oil. For those formulations that require fragrance oil, skin safe phlalates free blends are used.

We use only environmental and research oriented chemists in the development of our products who are committed to excellence and progress. We offer skin safe products that are free of pesticide harvested ingredients, petroleum, sulfate, paraben, PEGs and formaldehyde. We use no artificial colors, dyes, cheap waxes or fillers and support Fair Trade ingredients. Our products are made fresh to order and are formulated with a generous amount of paraben free and natural preservatives to ensure a long shelf life.

We are excited to share our product line with you. Thank you for visiting.